Double The Fun

Get ready for the world’s first reversible golf course. Forest Dunes Golf Club in Northern Michigan has commissioned Tom Doak to design and build a layout that can be played either clockwise or counterclockwise, each of its 18 greens attackable from two directions. Doak has some familiarity with this concept, having spent one of his college years in St. Andrews studying the Old Course, which was played “left- and right-handed” for a century. At Forest Dunes, Doak’s associate Brian Slawik has drafted a layout from one direction while Doak has done the other. “It is not a super dramatic site, but that’s better for this concept,” says Doak. “If you were playing over ravines in one direction, you’d probably have to play blindly out of them the other way around. You can’t have woods behind the green, or you’d have to play over the trees from the other direction.” For the same reason, the greens will lack the severe slopes that some of Doak’s other courses feature. Shaping begins next month and the double-dip course should be ready for play in 2016.





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