Elementary, My Dear Watson

Tom Watson isn’t as well known a golf architect as some of his fellow pros, but he has designed a number of courses, including Cassique at Kiawah Island and one at Reunion Golf Club in Orlando, and helped renovate the Old Course at Ballybunion in Ireland. According to the News-Press of St. Joseph, Missouri, Watson is laying out a nine-hole course specifically for kids and new golfers. It will be designed, he says, “for kids or anybody, really, to play the game where you aren’t forced to play 400-yard par fours or 500-yard par fives…things that are manageable for beginning golfers.” The course will be located in Maryville, Missouri, and hopes are to involve The First Tee. Price tag for the course is estimated at $550,000; fundraising is already underway.



  1. I grew up playing a “kids course” that was 9 holes, no carts (walking only – tees near greens), no sand traps, no water hazards and minimal rough. Longest hole was ~ 300yds. No pro-shop, just a starter building with a pop machine. You’d play until you got tired. It was the best place ever for young kids to hear, or go out with their parents.

    Make the “local rules” things that encourage faster play: – Play ready golf; hit when you’re ready – Putt until you’re done, don’t mark the ball. – Rounds should not last more than 1hr:15min – Short rough; find the ball and hit it again.

    — Brian Gracely · Monday October 7, 2013 ·


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