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Since golf and beer go together like hand in cabretta glove, it’s no surprise entrepreneurs are trying to tap into this frothy market. It started a few months ago with Slammin’ Sam Beer, and now comes Swing Oil Ale, a craft brew—made in central Massachusetts and found, on tap only, at some local courses and pubs—described as having “just a hint of hops and a smooth clean finish.” Since this sounds like a trend to watch, here are some names for the next batch of brewers to consider: Let The Big Dog Drink, Take Two and Reload, Keep Your Head Up, and Bernhard Lager. Have a better label? Hit “add your comments” below and pour it on!



  1. Team Swing Oil thanks Links Magazine for the shout out! Those are some pretty good names! We strive to be the first true craft beer company thats made by golfers for the golf community. “Play like your name’s on the bag!”

    — Swing OIl Beer Company · Monday August 26, 2013 ·

  2. Aiming Fluid-Amber Ale

    — Scott Dennin · Monday August 26, 2013 ·

  3. Congrats, boys!!! Duck Hook Lager, Breakfast Ball Brew, Lip Out Lager, Power Fade Pale Ale…..

    — Bill Rosenblum · Monday August 26, 2013 ·


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