Golf on the Gomorrah?

Ibiza—smallest of the three principal Balearic islands (just east of Spain in the Mediterranean)—is, according to your source, a legendary dusk-to-dawn party capital, an ancient crossroads founded by the Phoenicians in 654 B.C. replete with Punic ruins, or an up-and-coming golf destination. As to the last, Spanish developer Grupo Empresas Matutes, which recently opened the Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel and Ushuaia Tower, has plans to build an 18-hole public-access course with a golf school and driving range. The golf facility has been identified as a prospective boost to off-season tourism on Ibiza and hopes to piggyback on the success of the larger island of Majorca, which offers more than 20 courses, many open year-round. One hurdle: large portions of the island are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Environmental factors and the preservation of antiquities will need to be considered, though a recent survey by the Balearic Institute for Advanced Social Studies indicates that 68% of Ibizans are in favor of a public course. If built, will the golf course, like many of Ibiza’s beaches, be clothing optional? Watch for sunburn!




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