"Hey, I've Got An Idea..."

Golf has seen more than its share of initiatives designed to grow the game and attract and retain more participants: Tee It Forward. Six-hole courses that can be played in an hour. The “While We’re Young” campaign to speed up pace of play. Among others. Now, just a few weeks after a British firm suggested that golf clubs would prosper if they allowed beginners to play for free, Tiger Woods has essentially made the same recommendation. Shortly after collecting a multimillion-dollar appearance fee for an exhibition match in China last month against Rory McIlroy, Woods—who grew up playing public courses in southern California—advised facility owners to take a cue from China’s Mission Hills Haikou and offer complimentary rounds to those under 16. “I think it should be duplicated around the world,” Woods stated. “It’s definitely a model that people should be looking at.” Youngsters who’ve come of age in an era of file-sharing and free downloads might embrace the game if the price of admission (not to mention loaner clubs and lessons) was free of charge. Now, who's going to be the first on this side of the world to give it a shot?




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