Highlands Fling

Now here’s a kid who knows how to work the system. Not since Tom Doak conned Cornell University into sending him to St. Andrews for a year has a student/golf nut parlayed his passion as effectively as Cormack Wade, a 25-year-old PhD student who just landed an $80,000 grant to study the history of golf in Dornoch, Scotland. It seems 2016 will mark 400 years since the game was first recorded in the Highlands town, and the locals want to celebrate by delving a bit more deeply into their golf heritage. So they’ve invited young Cormack to come and live in Dornoch for three years, sift through the local archives, and report his findings. The project—announced today in conjunction with the Scottish Open at nearby Castle Stuart—has the hearty endorsement of the Scottish government and the tab is being picked up by the Royal Dornoch Golf Club (which is soliciting donations to help defray the cost of Cormack’s library visits and green fees). All in all, quite a coup for the kid, especially since he’s not exactly local: He’s a Canadian!


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