Is This What We Mean By Match Play?

Our special all-digital equipment issue that came out last month was called “HotLINKS.” Turns out we didn’t know just how hot equipment can be. According to a study conducted by scientists at University of California Irvine, golf clubs with titanium soles can cause a spark when struck against rocks, which can lead to wildfires. The study was undertaken after fires started at golf courses in Irvine and Mission Viejo, California, where drought has led to unusually dry conditions. The only common denominator in the two incidents was the use of a club—in both cases a 3-iron—with a titanium sole. In this local news report on the study’s findings, it’s possible to see club-on-rock ignition. While this is nothing to laugh at and local golfers are warned to be mindful of the conditions, we can’t help but imagine the marketing folks thinking up a new ad campaign: “Set your game on fire.” Let’s hope not.




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