Kickstarting The Golf Industry

About 20 years ago, the golf industry changed dramatically when Callaway Golf, followed by other companies, went public, allowing golfers to invest in their favorite game. If the stock market isn’t your second favorite game but you still want to support the industry, check out Kickstarter, one of a number of websites that offer real people the chance to help a new company or product get started. There are some golf gadgets currently looking for initial funding, including SmartClaw, an oversized golf tee that looks like a crab leg and is guaranteed for life. The inventor is looking for $2,000 and has three weeks left on the site, which puts restrictions on all its projects. SmartClaw might not be your dream investment, but who knows? Maybe the next Ely Callaway is out there now looking for a few angels. (Note: This is not an endorsement, just something The Buzz found interesting.)



  1. Cool idea. I hope they get it off the ground — or in the ground, I guess. Kickstarter is a great forum. Gadgets aren’t the only golf items on KS. I have written what I think is an entertaining, informative and offbeat look at golf in my home state, but I can’t get it into print unless my Kickstarter campaign succeeds. Any consideration is most appreciated:

    — Joe Bissen · Tuesday September 24, 2013 ·


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