Long-Ball Paul

It’s been a long, busy week filled with somber memories and worries around the world, so The Buzz wanted to end it on a lighter note. We recently stumbled across this video of tour pro Paul Casey at the 2011 Telus Skins Game in Alberta, Canada, where he tried to throw a golf ball onto the green of a par-three hole from 132 yards away. Easy, you say? Think about it. An NFL quarterback can toss a football 50 or 60 yards and this is more than twice that, granted with a much smaller object. But still: 132 yards? That’s deeper than the left-centerfield wall in most major-league ballparks. It’s also worth noting that Casey was sidelined for most of 2012 by a shoulder injury that he said he sustained while snowboarding. Perhaps this hefty heave was a contributing factor because he certainly doesn’t leave anything in the bag.




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