Lost In Translation

The Buzz believes world leaders should play more golf, not only to take their minds off bigger issues but to help grow the game. Former Florida governor Jeb Bush must agree: He recently suggested that political paralysis in Washington could be solved if President Obama teed it up more often with House Speaker Boehner—although it’s hard to imagine them agreeing on a course, let alone the stakes. Let them play, as long as they don’t fall back on golf-speak to explain their positions. Otherwise we’ll start hearing things like this mixed metaphor from Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who used golf to belittle the previous government’s failure at fixing that country’s financial crisis: “You’ll never hit the ball out of the bunker if you use a putter because you’re scared of the cliffs beyond the green. That’s why we are using a sand wedge to get the ball on the green.” Economists no doubt wanted to know if it was a minimum wedge.



  1. “Economists no doubt wanted to know if it was a minimum wedge.” <<Hah!!!

    — Tom Quinn · Friday November 1, 2013 ·


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