Love Match

What does it say about male-female relationships when right after Rory McIlroy called off his wedding to Caroline Wozniacki, reportedly in a three-minute phone call, he went out and won his first tournament of the year—the European Tour’s flagship event, BMW PGA Championship—and she lost in the first round of the French Open? To get to the bottom of this burning issue, The Buzz consulted two relationship experts.

“Some people do better when they have a secure base in their personal life,” says Dr. Wendy Walsh, author of The 30-Day Love Detox. “Don't always assume the gender. Some men only do well professionally when they are in a relationship. (Case in point, Tiger Woods.) Caroline may have felt deregulated without an anchored attachment, or her competition could have just been tougher that day. And some men's testosterone levels swing up when they enter the dating market—and that can clearly be linked to athleticism.”

Rachel DeAlto, the author of Flirt Fearlessly, thinks their opposite performances are due to two factors. “Men are able to compartmentalize far better than most women,” she says. “They avoid drama and tend to fight or flight. Rory was likely able to pretend as if the situation didn’t exist during his tournament. But I think it had more to do with the fact that he broke up with her. Rory was in control of the situation, and made the decision to end the relationship. He was prepared, even if it wasn’t a long preparation, for the dissolution. Caroline was apparently blindsided, and had no time to process her emotions fully. Regardless of the pain he feels now, or six months from now, at that moment he likely felt free.”




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