Masters Time

Finally. The wait is over. And so is the practicing. But the shopping continues. Although it pales in comparison to the football-field size merchandise tent of a U.S. Open, a building just inside the main gate at Augusta National does a brisk business in its own right, as do other smaller satellite souvenir stands elsewhere on the property. Inside the main building though you’ll find items such as the official Masters watch (shown above) for a mere $250. A green leather Dooney and Bourke handbag goes for $298. Need a new carry-on? A brown leather duffel bag costs $395. A Scotty Cameron putter checks in at $500. But a foot-long mini-putter is a mere $15. And who doesn’t need a four-pack of glittering Masters holiday ornaments for $25? Things you might not expect for sale? Official men’s boxers, performance socks and dog collars. Seriously. Time for golf. 




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