Mr. Nicklaus Goes To Washington

Wherever you are next Wednesday, May 21—the seventh annual National Golf Day—stop for a moment during the day and wonder, “I wonder how Jack’s doing.” That would be Jack Nicklaus, who is going to Washington, D.C., with other representatives of the golf industry to meet with members of Congress and discuss all the good that golf does for the country. For example, they’ll be talking about the game’s economic impact, which is nearly $70 billion a year while supporting 2 million jobs (that’s $55.6 billion in wages). Golf also is good for about $4 billion a year in charitable giving, which is more than the NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL combined. There are nearly 10,000 public courses eligible for tax incentives due to conservation programs. And don’t forget the fitness benefits: Walking 18 holes burns up around 2,000 calories. Representatives from We Are Golf,” an industry coalition, will give free golf lessons to members of Congress and hold a closest-to-the-pin contest on a golf simulator. Wish them luck—no, not the politicians but the golf guys there to make sure the game gets its due.




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