Nick Knock

Back in May, when Nick Faldo announced plans to compete in the British Open at Muirfield—where he won in both 1987 and 1992—he said, “I’ll probably never [again] get a chance to walk at Muirfield.” Maybe, maybe not, but he shouldn’t count on an invite from Rory McIlroy. Sir Nick, now a TV pundit, has taken to the role of elder statesman by not concealing his thoughts about other players (which is what the TV networks want, after all), and this week got in a bit of a scrap with McIlroy about good work habits, dedication to practicing and playing, and the mistake of changing clubs and ball all at once. Agree or disagree, but at the end of the first round, the 56-year-old was 8-over-par (and yesterday was his birthday), while the 24-year-old McIlroy was… 8-over-par. It’s likely neither will make the cut at the end of today, but whose life—and psyche—will be more affected?




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