Old And Easy?

A few months ago, when the R&A and St. Andrews Links Trust announced they’d be making changes to the Old Course, their hope was to make the course more challenging for the game’s best players. Well, based on the initial returns, not much has happened. In round one of the Dunhill Cup yesterday, three players shot 64 at St. Andrews to share the lead. Collectively, the great triumvirate of Richard McEvoy, Alexandre Kaleka, and Mark Tullo (average World Golf Ranking of 517) posted 24 birdies and an eagle. Kaleka and Tullo each hit all 18 greens, and on the four holes changed most markedly—numbers 2, 9, 11, and 17—the three players were collectively four under par. Yes, the conditions were benign, and yes, time will tell, but at this point it seems time will not be telling the changemakers what they were hoping to hear.




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