PGA Championship TV Times

Live from Rochester, New York, it’s the PGA Championship. “Glory’s Last Shot” will receive 28 hours of coverage this weekend on TNT and CBS.

Thursday, Aug. 8: 1-7pm TNT

Friday, Aug. 9: 1-7pm TNT

Saturday, Aug. 10: 11am-2pm TNT

Saturday, Aug. 10: 2-7pm CBS

Sunday, Aug. 11: 11am-2pm TNT

Sunday, Aug. 11: 2-7pm CBS

All times Eastern

And speaking of CBS, there’s a very good chance that golf fans in New York City, Los Angeles, and other markets won’t be able to watch that network’s broadcasts from Oak Hill because of an ongoing fight between CBS and Time-Warner Cable. The cable provider has pulled the plug on CBS and its subsidiaries, meaning local viewers missed seeing the final round of Tiger’s win at Firestone. For a listing of the opening-round tee times, check out the PGA’s official website.




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