Rio Olympics: Downbeat Update

To almost no one’s surprise, the golf course being built for the 2016 Olympics in Rio won’t be ready as soon as hoped, but it should be ready for the big games. Peter Dawson, who is president of the International Golf Federation (as well as Chief Executive of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews), recently visited the site and said that the course probably will not be ready to host a test event scheduled for summer 2015. With what can only be regarded as British reserve, he said, “We are not satisfied…. However, I still think it will be ready in time for the Olympics.” Notice, he said “think.” He also said “There are other courses in Rio but there is no Plan B at present because I don’t think we’ll need one.” Notice, he said “at present.” According to the website, which covers the Olympics, other officials of the 2016 games expressed confidence in the preparations and that the course “would be ready in time.” As always, the whole world is watching.




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