Ryder Cup Homecoming

On the heels of “The Gathering”—Tourism Ireland’s campaign inviting North Americans of Irish descent to visit Eire this year—Scotland is promoting heritage tourism with its “Homecoming 2014” outreach. “There are three types of people we want to come to Homecoming 2014,” said Alex Salmond, first minister of Scotland. “First, all people of Scottish ancestry. Second, anyone whose granny once met a Scot. And third, everyone else.” Heading the list of next year’s events is the much-anticipated Ryder Cup at Gleneagles. Officials have confirmed that final-stage applications for tickets are up 38 percent compared to the 2010 event at Celtic Manor in Wales. In addition, people from 75 different countries will head to the fabled resort in the foothills of the Scottish Highlands for the competition in September, 2014. The biennial match-play competition between teams from Europe and the U.S. is expected to provide a major economic boost to Scotland, which has also scheduled next year a referendum on independence from the U.K. You can expect that particular contest to be as hotly contested as the Ryder Cup matches!




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