Ryder Return, And Return, And Return…

The last time the U.S. side won the Ryder Cup was in 2008 at Valhalla Golf Club near Louisville, Kentucky, a club owned by the PGA of America, which conducts the Cup Matches when they’re on this side of the Atlantic. Keeping that fact in mind, maybe it wasn’t too strange that PGA of America President Ted Bishop, talking to the Louisville Rotary Club last week, hypothesized bringing the matches back to Valhalla every four years rather than switching venues. The obvious comparison is Augusta National and The Masters, both of which have benefitted from the public’s familiarity with the course. (Although we’re certainly not the first to say that Valhalla is no Augusta.) Yes, there are advantages to establishing a permanent infrastructure for conducting the tournament. “Think what you could do here if you knew they were going to play the Ryder Cup here every four years,” Bishop was quoted by the Louisville Courier-Journal. And advantages to the club: “Look at the ability to take the Valhalla membership and expand it to an international membership and how exciting that might be.” But note that the PGA Championship is returning to Valhalla this coming August and Bishop didn’t talk about bringing that annual event back every year. Bishop labeled a Valhalla annuity “out of the box” thinking; the rest of the golf world probably just thinks he is out of his mind.




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