Schnitzel And Tee

Austria, heretofore best known for Mozart, strudel, and waltzes, now has a new distinction—an all-weather golf course. Near Graz, the nation’s second largest city, a club called Modern Golf has opened a nine-hole course with all-synthetic greens and tees along with a training center with 36 heated and covered tees, two covered bunkers, and covered pitching and putting greens. Four of the holes are also floodlit for evening play. The course was installed by Huxley Golf, a UK firm that produces highly authentic synthetic surfaces for practice mats and pathways, but this is their biggest project to date. Given the growing depletion of water resources and the ever-rising costs of maintenance, who knows, this could be the future. Meantime Austria’s Modern Golfers have a place to play and practice all year-round—or at least until the next major snowstorm.




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