Shark Eats Golden Bear

Golf Word just posted published its list of the 100 Best Modern Golfers on the PGA Tour and it's refreshing that the ranking didn't rely too heavily on majors to compute it, but how in the name of Bobby Jones did Greg Norman and Phil Mickelson come out ahead of Jack Nicklaus? Well, the list only goes back to 1980 and Jack's best years were in the '60s and '70s so that's the main reason. The ranking began with 1980 because that's when the Tour started keeping a database with complete scoring and performance statistics, which the magazine used to compute its ranking. The formula gives majors a 50 percent added value, but places an emphasis on week-to-week performance. It also places added importance on a golfer's best seasons, answering the age-old question, "How good was their good?"


    1.    Tiger Woods                                                          23.047
    2.    Greg Norman                                                         13.893
    3.    Phil Mickelson                                                        11.329
    4.    Jack Nicklaus                                                         11.281
    5.    Vijay Singh                                                             10.952
    6.    Ernie Els                                                                 10.702
    7.    Tom Watson                                                           10.318
    8.    David Duval                                                            9.733
    9.    Rory McIlroy                                                           9.728
    10.  Nick Faldo                                                               9.651




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