Should Ko Go Pro?

With a successful defense of her CN Canadian Women's Open title, Lydia Ko now has a mind-boggling four professional victories at the age of 16. Not since Bobby Jones have we seen this sort of performance by a young amateur golfer. Understandably, she’s considering turning pro. But should she? And if she petitions LPGA Commissioner Mike Whan to join the Tour, should he let her? Each of them has a difficult decision. Ko, in particular has a dilemma—continue to forfeit hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize money or forfeit what remains of her youth. If she does decide to make the jump and the LPGA welcomes her, it will be interesting to see whether can retain her smiling freshness of spirit or becomes hardened to the weekly grind, whether she accepts the huge endorsement contracts that will come her way (and the time commitments that come with them), whether she’s able to perform under the pressure of the world’s expectations, and whether she becomes the next Tiger Woods or the next Michelle Wie.




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