Some Well-Earned Friday Fun

It’s the end of a long week, you’re probably contemplating having a go at the malls this weekend, and the weather in much of the country is awful (sorry, no golf). Sounds as if the nicest thing The Buzz could do is provide a much-needed diversion. Here are two videos sure to amuse. In the first one, actually a Nike commercial, Rory McIlroy matches wits, and kicks, on the course with English soccer star Wayne Rooney (note the assist at the end from Brazil’s super-striker Ronaldo). In the second (shown above), a British golfer named Matt Wheatcroft hits what many are calling the golf shot of the year, which he was able to do in front of veteran Euro Tour player Brian Barnes, who provides commentary. If you’ve seen a better shot (and can prove it), we’d like to know. Have a great weekend!



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    — Matt Wheatcroft · Saturday December 7, 2013 ·


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