Taiwan Tee Time

Myanmar. Vietnam. China. Add another Asian country to the list of those trying to build golf tourism: Taiwan. There are more than 70 golf courses in the country—which measures about 14,000 square miles and has a population of 24 million—and the government is kicking off a golf-t0urism campaign this week at the Swinging Skirts LPGA Classic Golf Tournament, April 21-27 at Lake Merced Golf Club outside San Francisco. At the tournament, the Taiwan Tourism Bureau will have a booth featuring an eight-foot-tall inflatable “Taiwan Tourism” heart, a seven-foot-tall tea statue, and an outdoor staircase in the shape of a Taiwanese pineapple cake. Inside the booth will be information on golf in Taiwan, while on the island are new road signs and maps directing travelers to courses and other means of promoting local golf, including plans for a golf-specific website. Swinging Skirts is a private non-profit group based in Taiwan working to grow women’s golf and the golf industry in the country: The tournament is the first golf event in the U.S. co-sponsored by a Taiwanese concern.




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