Teed Off In Cuba

If you were thinking of using golf as an excuse to visit Cuba—or were simply looking forward to checking out some exciting-sounding new courses planned for the island—you can put away the suitcases, at least for now. According to the Miami Herald, none of the highly touted golf projects in Cuba has begun construction. And one of the companies vying to build is suing—and this will take a little explaining—the PGA of America. According to the newspaper, 360 Vox Corp., a Canadian firm, is claiming it lost more than $25 million because the PGA of America persuaded PGA Ltd., based in Britain, to cancel the deal that would have given the developer the British group’s endorsement. 360 Vox says the PGA of America caved to criticism from political groups in Washington, which view the deal as a way of getting around American trade sanctions. It’s more than a little complicated, but one thing is clear: Golf’s return to Cuba, and foreign golfers with it, is off to a slow start.




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