The Donald Does Doral

It’s been a while since The Buzz has mentioned our good friend Donald Trump. And while it’s not as if you’ve been writing in asking “Where’s he been?” we still figured it was time for an update. You might recall that The Donald bought The Doral resort in Miami (shown above) last year, saying he would redo it from top to bottom. Seems he wasn’t kidding. We’ve heard he may spend $250 million or more on the renovation, which sounds crazy until you see the photographs of what’s going on, which appear on a website called MiamiCurbed. And that’s just to the buildings. Architect Gil Hanse is hard at worked redoing The Blue Monster course. And while it doesn’t cost that much—except for new stationery—the property already has a new name: Trump National Doral Miami. Now that’s The Donald we know and love.



  1. Earlier this year when I heard Donald Trump was going to rebuild The Blue Monster I was so excited. My very first thoughts was…“Now there is a Stud with a vision”. While most all golf courses around the world are struggling. Hundreds closing each year. Mr. Trump says o.k. lets stick it in fifth gear and lead the industry. I wonder if anyone is going to play the new Blue Monster when they open….NOT….They will be slammed with activity!!!! Everyone will want to see what Mr. Trump put together!! I am sure in historical Trump form he will not disappoint anyone either. I absolutely love this aggressive vision and mentality!! He is and always will be a business leader. WAY TO GO MR. TRUMP!!!

    — Andy Santos, Caesarea Golf Club, Israel · Monday September 9, 2013 ·


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