Cutting It Close

Today's pin sheet reveals some really diabolical hole locations, including one on the 5th hole that's never been used before, according to Scott Michaux of The Augusta Chronicle. Short-side alert: 11 of the cups are located five yards or less from the edge of the green with the closest on 10 just three yards from the bunker. The 10th has historically been the toughest hole on the course (see "Knuckle Sandwich" in our Spring issue), but yesterday that honor belonged to the 505-yard 11th with a 4.474 average. Second hardest was the 155-yard 12th (3.423), followed by the 465-yard 18th (4.392) and the 445-yard 1st (4.351). The 240-yard 4th and 450-yard 7th were tied for fifth hardest at .278 above par, though Phil Mickelson's triple at the latter might have skewed the average a little.




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