Thoroughly Modern Muirfield

The 142nd Open Championship begins in a few days at 120-year-old Muirfield in Scotland. And while images like the one above look classic and placid, don’t think of the Open as old and stodgy. Just the opposite, as the R&A has become quite technologically savvy. In fact, according to, the Open website can handle 10,000 web-page requests a second from five million user sites, and feature real-time scoring, player performance stats, mobile feeds, a live course view (with GPS mapping of groups and scores), plus maps, an interactive course guide, and social media. On-site spectators will be able to use their mobile devices, and also see LED scoreboards with stats, scores, player details, video highlights, and more. Sounds as if the R&A should change its name from Royal and Ancient to Ready and Accessible.




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