Tiger vs. Brandel: Whose Side Are You On?

It says something about the state of the game that one of the biggest stories of the year—and certainly the feud du jour—is the Tiger Woods/Brandel Chamblee spat. In case you’ve been in outer space for the last few weeks, here’s the skinny: Golf analyst Chamblee slammed superstar Woods for playing fast and loose with the rules on more than one occasion this year. Woods got mad, then he and his team made noises about taking legal action (unlikely) as well as freezing out Golf Channel (where Chamblee talks) and Sports Illustrated/Golf Magazine/ (where Chamblee wrote) from future interviews. The Buzz wants to know where you stand, whether you think this is big news or a big nothing, if Tiger is being a bully by throwing his weight around, and if Chamblee should have been fired from his TV gig (he was not, at least not yet, but he did resign from magazine/website writing). We want to know what you think, so please, post your comments, below.



  1. I appreciate the skills of both. I am glad to see Tiger doing better, but I am concerned, as a viewer, with his attitude. He just doesn’t seem to enjoy his game any more. He seldom smiles or seems to find enjoyment in what he is doing. While having him on the tour will bring the crowds and the money, and the fact that he has more money than anyone really knows what to do with it, and winning as he does, what more could any player want from this game? He just seems annoyed with the crowds (who bring the money)and that’s too bad. As for breaking rules, I am sure it is not intentional-why would he?

    — Ralph Sherman Sr. · Friday November 8, 2013 ·

  2. Brandel is totally correct with his comments and I am glad to see, that he was secure enough to say it. Tiger is and has always been a spoiled “bully” and expects to get his way every time…or else.
    Brandel and Gary Galyean are to be congratulated for saying and writing, what many serious golfers already think about Tiger’s Rule fiasco’s.
    A tip of the hat to both of them.

    — R. P. Kelly · Friday November 8, 2013 ·

  3. If there were not any questionable issues with Tigers rule interpretation then Brandel wouldn’t have grounds to form his opinion. Tiger is used to having what he wants when and how he wants it and with the rules of golf and the game he can’t have it his way…since Tigers game doesn’t suit him he seems to be mad at the world but then again while his game is great he never has been the total complete sports hero with his profanity, aloof attitude and all about himself attitude… traits I want young people to respect and emulate Sorry Tiger it is not only how you play th4e game but how you conduct yourself as well

    — W.T. Christian · Friday November 8, 2013 ·

  4. Tiger needs to lighten up. Everyone has an opinion, right or wrong, and the world keeps on turning. This will not sully either reputation one bit. Both Mr. Chamblee’s and Tiger’s reputations are still intact and continue to be theirs to enhance or tarnish.

    Michael Hughes Gulf Shores, AL

    — Michael Huhghes · Saturday November 9, 2013 ·


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