Tour Rewrites The Calendar

Odd as it may seem, the 2014 PGA Tour season starts exactly one month from today. The lidlifter will be the Open, October 10-13, followed by six other fall events—three of them overseas (in Malaysia, China, and Mexico, as well as the World Cup of Golf, being held in Australia)—then a six-week break before things resume in January with the traditional trek through Hawaii, California, Arizona, Florida, and Texas. The fall start puts the Masters in week 23, halfway through the 46-week schedule. The other major change involves the four Fedex playoff events, which next year will be played on consecutive weeks rather than including a break midway as this year. The change, made at the request of the PGA of America, will allow for a week of rest between the Tour Championship and the Ryder Cup in Scotland two weeks later. In their defense, the Tour has rechristened their schedule "2013-2014." But they also need a better proof-reader: On the Tour's website, the site of the Franklin Templeton Shootout in December is spelled "Tiburn" rather than "Tiburon." Check fast: Once they read this, it will be fixed.




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