Turning the Page

Seems all is forgiven between Sergio Garcia and New York golf fans. Garcia, you might remember, flipped the gallery the bird at the 2002 U.S. Open at Bethpage after the alcohol-fueled fans kept heckling him for his gripping and re-gripping routine. Well, judging by TaylorMade's newest video, it seems as all is well with Sergio and Long Island golfers. A few weeks ago, Garcia nonchalantly bought a bucket of range balls and started hitting balls off one of the driving mats as curious onlookers gathered around him (his pre-shot routine took a lot less this time so there was no mocking). He then announced that they would all be fitted for a new SLDR driver as a TaylorMade van pulled up. He even did some of the adjustments himself and played 1st-tee commentator as everyone teed off with their new drivers.




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