What Did One American Architect Say To The Other?

The man on the right, with the microphone, is golf course designer Rees Jones. The man on the left, with the scroll, is Thomas Jefferson. Actually, it’s actor Bill Barker, who portrays the third President and noted architect (Monticello, the University of Virginia) as part of the “living history” on display at Colonial Williamsburg. The occasion was this past weekend’s celebration of the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Gold Course at Colonial Williamsburg’s Golden Horseshoe Golf Club. The course was built by Robert Trent Jones Sr., and redesigned 15 years ago by son Rees, who described the course—widely regarded as one of Jones Sr.’s finest—as “precise with some of the best greens and par threes in the game.” The festivities featured a conversation between Messrs. Jones and Jefferson in which they discussed architecture, golf, and the importance of outdoor activities. Plus there was a commemorative round on the Gold Course, which began with a different sort of “shot heard ‘round the world”—a “musket start” provided by riflemen in period dress.




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