Nov 18, 2016 | 08:48 am

The Renovation at Seminole

Seminole Golf Club, located in Juno Beach, Fla., has long been ranked within the top 25 courses in the World. The club is also famous for its exclusivity and privacy. The only peek into Seminole that most golfers get during the year is during its famous Pro-Member, when the top PGA Tour pros join Seminole members for a tournament on the course. The club recently brought in Coore & Crenshaw to renovate the layout and restore some of the original Donald Ross elements. Among the changes are tree removal, new tees, and many renovated bunkers, among other things. The club also produced a beautiful in-depth video outlining the changes.

With Seminole's exclusivity in mind, it's a real treat to watch the video linked below, which is an aerial tour of the course. Ben Crenshaw narrates the video and highlights the architectural changes that he and his team have implemented over the past months. Enjoy!

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Nov 17, 2016 | 06:34 am

Tee Times

We don’t know of many golf courses that allow you to play in a t-shirt. But we still like a new series of casual tees, with a golf theme, designed by noted artist Lee Wybranski, who has been creating the official posters for the U.S. Open and PGA Championship for the last few years. The new collection is called Rat Pack Throwback and features a ‘50s-ish design in a choice of sayings, colors, and styles, including for both men and women. The shirts are $29 from Wybranksi’s website, where you also will find his posters and other products that will be a big hit with golfers this holiday season.

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Nov 16, 2016 | 08:20 am

Top Golfers

Topgolf held its first Tour Championship Sunday at its flagship facility in Las Vegas on Sunday. Adam Ball (white cap) and Steven Jenkins of Virginia Beach beat 15 other teams to become the nation's ultimate Topgolfers and pocket $50,000. The teams were broken up in four groups for round-robin play of altnerate-shot TopShot Advanced before the top eight teams moved onto the quarterfinals. The championship was a best of three alternate shot, starting with TopShot Advanced and two rounds of TopPressure Advanced, a new game that ups the ante from TopPressure. After amassing 437 points in the East Regional, Ball and Jenkins took down teams from Oklahoma City, Denver, and San Antonio to take the title. Because of their win, the Virginia Beach Topgolf venue is offering free play to its guests through this Sunday. Both Ball and Jenkins played golf at Virginia Commonwealth University and have toured professionally. They won the Virginia Beach regional qualifier back in August to earn an all expenses-paid trip to the Topgolf Tour Championship. The Buzz is excited to see a giant winner's check once again in golf. We say, bring it back to the PGA Tour!

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Nov 15, 2016 | 09:09 am

Record Deal

Washington Road in Augusta, Ga., is not the most posh neighborhood in the world. Basically it’s a series of shopping centers and fast food joints—less than desirable real estate. Unless of course, you happen to be a next door neighbor of the Augusta National Golf Club. The Augusta Chronicle this week reported that the club, under its shadow LLC, Berckman Residential Properties, has purchased Jay’s Music Center, located at the corner of Washington and Berckmans roads, just across the street from the Masters home. The store had been on that site for 25 years, and now will have to move out within the next few weeks, but the owner isn’t complaining. The  3/4-acre property with an assessed value of $637,900 sold for $5.35 million. No word on what the club plans to do with its new 5,600-square-foot retail space (possibly the first Masters Burger drive-in?). Over the past few years the Augusta National has spent more than $50 million buying up over 100 acres of property contiguous to its pristine acreage, converting the land into parking lots, practice ranges, hospitality areas, and now a new media center—all to be used just one week a year. 

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