Apr 15, 2015 | 10:00 am

Where Are They Now?

Ever wonder what happened to winsome Win McMurry from Golf Channel? Well, she's getting married this Saturday in The Bahamas to New Orleans-based investor Evans White, 42. They met in The Bahamas on a blind date "a year, a week, and a day" from their wedding day, says McMurry, 32. "We've been together everyday since. A whirlwind romance!" They got engaged in early November while paddleboarding at sunset in The Bahamas right in front of where the wedding will take place. "Evans luckily has good balance while he got on his knee and didn't drop the ring in the ocean! And luckily I didn't fall off when I said "Yes!" After a golf scramble on Friday at Lyford Cay (with guests receiving custom wedding logoed golf balls courtesy of Srixon), there will be a "day on the bay" celebration with boats flying wedding burgee flags before a rehearsal dinner at the Yacht Club at the Lyford Cay Marina. The ceremony in front of 250 guests will take place on the lawn facing the ocean at the Old Fort Bay Club with the 30-piece Bahamas National Symphony Orchestra providing the soundtrack. Dinner and dancing will follow on the beach under the stars with some surprise entertainment. After their honeymoon, the couple plan to reside in The Bahamas and Rhode Island. Talk about a win Win.

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Apr 14, 2015 | 08:46 am

Squeeze Play

There has never been a great golf movie, but that hasn’t stopped people from trying. The latest entry is The Squeeze. Neither a drama in the nature of Follow the Sun nor a comedy like Caddyshack, it’s a dramedy in the mold of Tin Cup, based on the true story of a promising young player who falls in with professional gamblers and finds himself in a no-win million-dollar golf match. Kudos go to writer/director Terry Jastrow for choosing a lead actor with credible golf chops. Jeremy Sumpter has a Jordan Spieth-like fresh face and a swing to match. Hollywood veterans Christopher Mcdonald and Michael Nouri gamely play opposing hustlers. Much of the movie has an over-the-top tone and the ending is about as believable as Roy McAvoy’s 12 on the last hole of the U.S. Open. But if you’re willing to suspend your disbelief and settle back for 90 minutes of mindless entertainment, you could do worse than The Squeeze which hits theaters on Friday. 

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Apr 13, 2015 | 12:01 pm

Is Golf Enough?

If the question above relates to your health, the answer is no. According to a study conducted in Australia, “gentle” activities like swimming, housework, and golf are helpful, but if you’re serious about wanting to live longer, you need to engage in more breath-taking exercise, as well. The study followed more than 200,000 middle-aged men and women for six years and found that those who worked up a sweat for 45 minutes a week lowered their chance of dying during that time by 13 percent. “The results indicate that whether or not you are obese, and whether or not you have heart disease and diabetes, if you can manage some vigorous activity it could offer significant benefits for longevity,” said Dr. Klaus Gebel of James Cook University’s Centre for Chronic Disease Prevention, and reported in Britain’s Telegraph. So get out of the cart, throw that bag over your shoulder, and walk—vigorously—on your next round.

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Apr 10, 2015 | 08:01 am

More Masters Memories

The Masters is already proving to be compelling theater, with a number of exciting story lines involving players young and old, at the top of their games and struggling to return. But the great stories aren’t only being told on the course: Both CBS Sports and Golf Channel will air special Masters-related programming over the next few days. On CBS, three shows immediately before Saturday's round take deeper looks at the tournament and the players. “The Masters: Substance of Style” (1-1:30 pm, Eastern Time) examines Masters style, from fashion to the course. “Keys to The Masters” (1:30-2 pm, ET) analyzes what it takes to win the year’s first major. “The Masters: When They Were Young” (2-3 pm, ET) focuses on the legends of the game—Hogan, Nicklaus, Nelson, Woods, etc.—in their younger days as well as today’s youth movement. On Monday, April 13, after the tournament is over, Golf Channel will run “Ben Crenshaw: A Walk Through Augusta” at 10 pm (ET), an hour-long retrospective on the career of “Gentle Ben” and his relationship with The Masters. Get comfortable and settle in.

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