Apr 16, 2013 | 06:10 AM

The Drop That Won't Stop

In the wake of the "Tiger drop" ruling, rules experts, both real and imagined, have begun to offer suggestions for improving Rule 26, which covers penalty drops after a ball goes into a hazard. Two of the best we've heard: 1) Require the player to drop within two club-lengths of the spot from which the original ball was played (in other words, since he's being penalized, give him a bit of wiggle room); and 2) Require the "attempt to drop the ball precisely on the spot from which the original ball was played." (No room for interpretive abuse there.) Both have the virtue of being more specific than the current "playing the ball as nearly at the spot from which the original ball was last played" verbiage. But neither will help Tiger—or Fred Ridley.

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Apr 15, 2013 | 08:32 AM

Many Happy Returns!

Struggling to meet the IRS filing deadline today? Just be glad you aren’t a tour pro, who often have to file up to a dozen state tax returns, as well as some local returns, too, for states and cities looking to fill some budget gaps. “Everybody’s got their hand out,” says accountant Tim Carneval, who’s married to LPGA pro Janice Moody and has 30 tour pros as clients, including K.J. Choi and world No. 1 Stacy Lewis. In addition to paying tax on the prize-money earnings, Carneval also has to do what he calls a “duty-day” calculation to figure out how much money they owe on their endorsements. The formula is the days in the state or city divided by their total workdays of the year times their endorsement salary. It’s so time consuming that in most cases Carneval just files extensions. “It’s hard to get it all done,” he says. “Getting it done right is the most important thing.”

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Apr 15, 2013 | 06:32 AM

Some Last—And Odd—Thoughts On The Masters

It’s okay, you can exhale now. The playoff is over, Australia finally has a green jacket, Tiger didn’t win (can you image what the Rules purists would have said about that?), and there’s lots of new footage to replace the endless loop of Bubba’s shot from the trees. But if you still need a Masters fix, maybe one last dispatch from Augusta, check out this article from the Aljazeera news service. Yes, Aljazeera. Who knew the Arabic news network even covered golf? Well, they did, and took a few shots at Billy Payne, the members of Augusta National, the club’s membership policies, even some back-handed swipes at golf fans. Bet you can’t wait for their reports from Merion.

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Apr 12, 2013 | 11:25 AM

Fast Fixes For Golf

If you think all corporate big shots are snooty-nosed fat cats in green jackets who want to take the game of golf back to the way it was in the 1950s, watch this video of former Sun Microsystems Chairman Scott McNealy—a golf fanatic who has supported some interesting change-the-game ideas—offering his thoughts for improving our weekend rounds. It is particularly interesting that it turned up on Masters weekend and was created by Bloomberg TV, which bears the name of another very rich golf-nut, New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg.



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