Jan 01, 2015 | 06:54 AM

Happy LINKS New Year

If you’re expecting 2015 to be a great year, all of us at LINKS Magazine are with you. You’re going to see some changes and new features from us, starting with eight editions of HotLINKS, our all-digital publication, that will come out in those months that the print magazine does not. Look for HotLINKS in the first week of January, March, May, July, August, September, November, and December. (That’s the cover of our January edition, above, which has a special section on Caribbean golf.) Remember, you can sign up for HotLINKS for free or get it as part of your “all-access” subscription to the print magazine and all our digital properties. We’re already working on lots of great articles and much more both in print and digital, and don’t want you to miss a single issue. So if you’re not already getting LINKS—in print and digital—it’s time to sign up. Plus, don’t forget to check out our website,, every day for the latest news and information from throughout the world of golf. Have a Happy New Year with lots of golf—and lots of LINKS. Enjoy!

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Dec 31, 2014 | 01:09 PM

Rapping Up the Year

Let's end the year on a light note and one of the most entertaining golf-music videos of the year, #StopDropAndMakeA12Foota, by "Matty," an 11 year old from Vermont whose goal is to shoot 18 "unda" par for one round some day. He certainly gets around, as you'll see in the video, and he's a lot better singer than Bubba Claus, that's for sure. We're just not sure why he's so obsessed with making 12 "footas."

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Dec 30, 2014 | 10:28 AM



The comedian Jack Benny famously referred to his age as 39, even after he was twice that old. Today, Tiger Woods turns 39, and he’s surely hoping he can make his body toe that mark for at least another decade. Woods has now been a professional golfer for 19 years, almost half his life, and while his accomplishments have been extraordinary, his Holy Grail remains—reaching and surpassing Jack Nicklaus’s 18 major championships. When in 1979 Nicklaus turned 39 he had 15 majors. He would add a US Open and PGA in 1980 and then the Masters in 1986. Tiger, with 14 titles, will have to do better than that. With his various infirmities now apparently behind him, can he summon the mind, body, power, accuracy, and finesse to make it happen? Can he find his way back to his A Game, because in this era of ever-deepening international talent his B Game will not do? Six years ago, almost no one doubted Tiger would surpass Nicklaus. Today, almost no one believes he will. Time will tell, and time is running short.


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Dec 29, 2014 | 06:47 AM

Golden Gear

If you still didn’t get the presents you wanted last week, here are a few other ideas, courtesy of, which claims to have found the world’s most expensive golf clubs. From Japan comes Honma Golf’s made-to-order Five Star Set, featuring 24-karat-gold and platinum, starting at $5,400 per club. Maruman Golf, another Japanese company, sells its Majesty Prestigio Super7 driver for $2,500: It incorporates grade 5 titanium and a thicker head to create a lower center of gravity for less spin. Then there’s the Golden Putter from Germany’s Michael Barth, with 24-karat gold plating and numerous customizing options, starting at $2,940 each. And should you think such high-priced equipment is only available on special order, one of our correspondents was recently in a Tokyo golf store where he saw the above set of gold-plated GIII clubs for ¥1,339,200—a little over $11,120 at current exchange rates. No promises that any of these will lower your score, but they’ll definitely lighten your wallet.

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