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We usually don't run much instruction here at LINKS, but since you read the magazine and our website you probably play golf, which means you can use some help, just like the rest of us. Which is why we were interested in the findings of Tom Stickney II, a leading teacher. As he wrote on the website GolfWRX, he recently attended a corporate outing with other top teachers and they got to talking about their profession. Much of what they discussed was about their business, but there were some interesting observations that amateurs like us can learn from, including:

  • No amount of practice can overcome a bad attitude on the golf course. It will eventually catch up with you.
  • At the highest levels of proficiency, sometimes “letting go” on the putting green can take a player from struggling to putting well, instantly.
  • Everyone should get at least a basic club fitting that includes: club length, lie, shaft flex, grip size and set make up based on their ability level.
  • Most players need a 60-degree wedge in their bag.
  • Most players have the wrong bounce on their wedges.
  • Low-spin drivers cannot make up for improper angles of attack or poor impact points.
  • Practicing on the golf course is a must after obtaining the “feel” you want on the range.
  • The most effective practice comes in short bursts, not overly long sessions.
  • Most people forget that golf is supposed to be FUN! Relax and enjoy it!



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