Like/Don’t Like

By: George Peper

Every week starting now, LINKS Magazine Editor George Peper will use this blog space to give his thumbs-up, thumbs-down to what’s going on in golf.

Like It: Foot Golf—a hybrid of golf and soccer intended to attract kids to the game. You boot a ball down the fairway until it finds a 20-inch hole. It’s the kind of out-of-the-box idea that should be tried by country clubs struggling to maintain their membership rolls as the boomer generation ages out. Check it out on this YouTube video.

Don’t Like It: All the recent hand-wringing over the USGA's switch from NBC to Fox. Does it really make a different who broadcasts the U.S. Open? Sure—last year you turned the TV to channel X, next year it’ll be channel Y. Otherwise, who cares: It’s about the event, not who’s showing it.




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