Like/Don't Like

By: George Peper

Like: The cool new “drone” technology for photographing golf courses—a remote-controlled mini-helicopter mounted with a video camera goes places where no lens has ever gone. Check out Iain Lowe’s recent shoot of Scotland's Kingsbarns (seen the "normal" way, above).

Don’t Like: Tiger’s business ethics, at least as exposed by the legal battle he lost this week to memorabilia peddler, where a jury (all women, incidentally) found his company guilty of breaching a 2001 licensing agreement to supply a stipulated number of autographs and photographs. The damages: $668,000 (although, according to a Miami Herald report, interest charges could bring the total to $1.3 million and a decision on more than $1 million in attorney fees is pending). Still, no big loss for The Striped One, assuming he doesn’t care about his image.




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