Like/Don't Like

By: George Peper

Like: The change in the World Golf Hall of Fame eligibility requirements that calls for a minimum of 15 wins or two majors  (although I think it should be 15 wins including two majors). There are a couple of guys in the Hall who don’t belong, and now at least the doors are closing before any others squeak in on the basis of something other than their playing achievements. I also like the idea of holding inductions once every two years instead of annually. Simply put, after a couple of decades of adding people to the Hall, the pool of worthy candidates is  pretty dry.

Don’t Like: The new make up of the voting panel—it used to be a group of over 300 people, most of them golf writers; now it’s down to 16 people, nine of them golf administrators plus three writers and four Hall of Fame members. I was among the many who got fired this week. I’m not saying I deserve to be on the panel, but I do think the average golf writer knows more about the history of the game and has a clearer, more objective  understanding of the merits of those who have played it at the highest level than does the average golf administrator.



  1. My guess is we will be seeing a lot more administrators getting in under the lifetime achievement category

    — John M · Monday March 31, 2014 ·


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