Like/Don't Like

By: George Peper

Like: Sandy Lyle’s zeal to be a part of the upcoming Ryder Cup in his homeland: “I’d make cups of tea, I’d drive a JCB digger (British for backhoe) if need be." Paul McGinley has just chosen a Scot (Sam Torrance, along with Irishman Des Smyth) as his co-captains, but says he’ll be adding to the list of helpers, so there’s still hope for Lyle—who lives just 30 miles from Gleneagles.

Don’t Like: The prospect of viewing the Ryder Cup this year except on TV. If you’re considering attending, forget it unless you have a friend in the area of Auchterarder, Scotland, or don’t mind living in a tent. There’s nowhere to stay nearby and even the hotels in Edinburgh and Glasgow (figure a two-hour trip that week) are booked up.




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