Like/Don't Like

By: George Peper

Like: FOX’s choice of Greg Norman to anchor their US Open coverage. If you like Johnny Miller, you’ll like Greg (above, left, with co-host-to-be Joe Buck), who is equally brash, almost as insightful, and has had a much more eventful career and life, which should give him plenty of fodder for conversation.

Don’t Like: The current doldrums in pro golf. The plunge in Masters TV ratings—down 28%—is sad but clear evidence of the Tour’s dependence on Tiger. The current situation brings to mind Herbert Warren Wind’s description of the days following the retirement of Bobby Jones: “Golf without Jones would be like France without Paris—leaderless, lightless, and lonely."



  1. Like Norman and like Buck, a lot.
    Maybe the plunge in Masters TV ratings is not only due to the absence of Tiger, but to the tiresome droning on of Nantz and the personality castration performed on the CBS crew by the Masters “committee.” It’s hard to make Feherty and McCord sound dull but for these four days every April, they play like John Boehner at an open mic night. The broadcast sounds like a funeral, and Nantz is the head eulogizer. Unfortunately he’s lack of personality can’t just be due to Masters restrictions because he sounded the same way during the March Madness games he called too. It’s a wonder ONLY 28% less viewers were watching. And the rest were sleeping.

    — bs25Jeff · Friday April 25, 2014 ·

  2. If the 28% didn’t watch because one player didn’t play, that 28% are clearly not golf fans. If they’re not golf fans, but Tiger fans, why should golf care if they watch or not?
    And NO! I have nothing against Tiger. I like Tiger. But I am very bothered by the media turning golf coverage into Tiger coverage just to appease fickle Tiger fans. Like I said, I like Tiger, but I like golf a whole lot more than I like any one golfer.

    — Jeff · Friday May 9, 2014 ·


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