Like/Don't Like

By: George Peper

Like: The leaderboard after day one of the U.S. Open. Most of the top players are still in it, and the field is tightly bunched. That bodes well for a good show this weekend.

Don’t Like: The Pinehurst No 2 greens. I have long had a less than lofty opinion of those 18 devils, and the first day of Open competition only reinforced my view. Have you ever seen so many high-quality golf shots end up in such awful places? If Donald Ross had known those greens would someday roll at Stimpmeter speeds of 12+, I doubt he would have crafted such gnarly targets. Conditions may soften, and there’s plenty of golf left, but in day one it appeared the USGA’s goal was to humiliate—or at least irritate--rather than identify the best players in the world.



  1. Another view – I thought the greens were spectacular. And to watch the talent the fellows have with their short games is amazing. It is clearly different than the typical tour event of bomb and wedge with balls virtually plugging in the greens – aka lawn darts.

    Mike has to be careful with hole locations, but the good scores suggest the course is gettable.

    — Dave · Friday June 13, 2014 ·


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